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Tribal’s V-necks, Cable Knits, Cashmere Sweaters, and More

When temperatures drop and cold weather starts rolling in, a robust collection of knitwear is the ideal way to keep warm and look fabulous. While outfits that feature sweaters may conjure up images of casual ensembles in your mind, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Ladies’ knitwear is more versatile than ever, and Tribal’s styles were designed and created with seamless day-to-night transitions in mind.


Knits that Highlight Every Occasion

It goes without saying that knits and jeans are a match made in heaven. There is virtually no limit to the number of combinations you can make if you lay out all of your casual pants and sweaters side-by-side.


Reaching for a fall sweater with a funky print or pattern is a great way to jazz up a pair of plain jeans, from medium wash to dark grey to inky black and everything in between. If your pants feature a detail that deserves to be the center of attention, a minimal or single-tone knit is your best bet: these simple, versatile pieces are the perfect match for an embroidered jean, ripped jean, or patterned legging.


While a chunky or billowy sweater may not be the best fit for the office or nighttime wear, a more delicate or lightweight knit can perfectly complement a more dressed-up outfit. Turtlenecks and cowl necks are great for maintaining a professional look and go great with a pair of comfortable trousers. Meanwhile, a v-neck is the perfect piece to layer on top of a collared shirt for a smart, menswear-inspired look that goes great with a simple work pant.


Depending on the texture and thickness of your fall or winter sweater, you can try the tucked-in trend if you’re looking to experiment with a little extra flair. A subtle half-tuck just above the button of your jeans or pants can give your outfit a style boost – there’s no need to tuck the entire hem into your pants, as that might end up creating excess bulk around the waistline.

Are Knits Business Casual?

They can be, but you will need to choose which knits you wear to the office with a discerning eye. Women’s sweaters that are very chunky or loose-fitting are likely to come off as too casual and may look mismatched when paired with a work pant. If you opt for a sweater with a slimmer silhouette made from a slightly thinner fabric that hits just above or just below the hip, you are much more likely to be inside the range of business casual. 


Our Ultra Cozy Sweaters

They're the coziest items in your closet, and a fashion staple you just can't wait to slip into the second the weather starts cooling down. While women's sweaters may seem like they're meant for a life of leisure, the fashion world has no shortage of different cuts and styles to make them appropriate for all sorts of occasions. Take your pick between v neck sweaters, cable knit sweaters, cropped sweaters, cashmere sweaters, and even off the shoulder sweaters in tons of fun prints, colors, and textures.

Women’s Sweaters for Any Occasion

Never underestimate the power of a great sweater! From lounge-at-home days to work meetings, there are so many options out there, you could easily have a sweater for every occasion.


When it comes to casual looks – think hanging at your place with family or running errands on a weekend morning – you can whip up an effortlessly chic outfit as long as you’ve got the right pieces in your closet. For an ultra modern vibe that’s a total no-brainer to put together, try going monochrome by pairing a black sweater with skinny black jeans. For a softer, more feminine look, reach for a grey or cream-colored number and slip on a pair of medium-wash slim-fit jeans. Simple jeans with minimal to no details or three-quarter length trousers are also a great way to show off a patterned sweater, so feel free to get creative!


If you’re looking to accentuate a pair of statement bottoms, like a suede legging or patterned pant, stick to a sweater that’s just one color; combining patterns is likely to come off as too busy, and each motif is bound to detract from the other one’s beauty. In short, keep it simple!


Billowy or looser-fit sweaters are ideal for layering, whether you decide to throw one on top of a buttoned shirt for a preppy collared style or a soft tee for extra warmth. Plaid shirts look particularly stylish under a crew-neck sweater if you’re going for a look that’s both casual and sleek!


If your office is more business casual or formal, most of your sweaters will probably not make it through the door. However, if you own any that are made of a more delicate material, we will let you be the judge! While cable knit is not likely to pass the test, a simple long-sleeve sweater that drapes nicely and sits fairly close to the body is an excellent option for pairing with a slim work trouser. Turtlenecks and cowl necks are classic office-appropriate accents that bring a sweater from simple to sophisticated.

Why We Love Our Women’s Sweaters 

If you love women's sweaters as much as we do, the good news is, there is really no limit to how and when you can wear them! As long as the weather is chilly, you can wear them as a top layer over a tee or shirt, a second layer under a chic fall coat, or all on their own if you’re cozied up in the comfort of your own home.

The Versatile Cardigan

A classic women's cardigan is the perfect transitional piece, with the ability to cozy up any short-sleeve shirt in style. Especially in the summertime, these pieces are perfect for navigating the many different temperatures you might encounter throughout the day.


For example, if your office is chilly but a long-sleeve shirt would leave you feeling overheated during your commute to work, pack a light cardigan to wear once you arrive to beat the indoor chill (you can even keep one on the back of your desk chair for convenience’s sake). Or, if you’re heading out for the day and won’t be back until late at night, tuck a cardigan into your bag so you’re ready to keep warm when temperatures drop in the evening!


During the winter, when chilly temperatures are guaranteed, cardigans are an easy garment to wear on top of another long-sleeve shirt for maximum warmth. Try a crochet or boyfriend cardigan for an ultra-cozy, not to mention trendy, experience.


One of the features that make cardigans a true power accessory is the fact that they can be used to showcase the shirt that you’re wearing underneath! When framed with an open sweater, patterned blouses, basic tees, and everything in between can be effortlessly elevated to style stardom.