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Stay Stylish with Tribal's Jackets and Vests Every Day of the Week

The best thing about women's jackets and vests is that while they're an essential piece of cool-weather fashion, they act as a fun accessory to any of your existing chic outfits! The category is broad and includes several styles that suit any wardrobe: faux-leather jackets, denim jackets, and bomber jackets are just some of the amazingly fashionable options on the market when it's time to layer up.  

Women's Jackets for Special Occasions

Putting on an extra item of clothing can always be an exciting opportunity to express your fashion sense, and jeans and faux-leather jackets are two super-stylish ways to do so.

Whether your denim jacket is classic blue, a distressed lighter hue, midnight black, or a funky shade like light pink, this garment is the ideal balance between youthful and timeless, perfect for shopping days or having a meal with friends. On the other hand, leather or faux-leather jackets pack a little more edge and look excellent when paired with straight-leg blue jeans or skinny black pants.

Though if you're meeting up for a family get together, you most likely won't be wearing your sexiest wardrobe! Luckily, leather jackets and bombers are still great choices as they can be dressed down with distressed jeans and a tee or a skater dress with a cute pair of sneakers.

Job interviews call for a more formal look so layering with a knot sleeve blazer or a smart looking plaid blazer will keep you looking sharp, professional and chic! Depending on the type of job interview it is, you can style these jackets with either dark denim and a blouse, or a button-down shirt with a pencil skirt.

Create a formal look fit for evening wear with a dressier jacket, ideal for this season's parties and special events! If you're attending a wedding, you'll soon find out it's harder to find a jacket that matches both your outfit and any dress codes. A wedding jacket can't be any old thing from your closet - it needs to be a part of your look. Start by looking for matching shades and complementary patterns of your outfit, ensure it's clean and fancy.

If you are buying new, make sure you can get more than one wear out of it! For example, a colored blazer is an item you won't regret buying as it goes with so many other outfits and can be dressed up or down. Another popular trend is a cape jacket - it's both stunning and incredibly striking on all body shapes.

Jackets and Vests for Date Nights

No matter the location, dinner dates are the perfect occasion to wear a fancier look such as a velvet bomber jacket, or a leather biker jacket. Depending on the cut, these two options look great with both shape fitting dresses or skinny jeans with heels. 

If you're hitting the ski slopes or spending time in the great outdoors, layering a trendy turtleneck with a Faux Fur Vest would look divine! Not only will it keep you warm, but it'll also keep you looking extra cute for your date. If you're packing for a romantic weekend getaway, we suggest packing a reversible vest as you'll get so many more looks out of just one item of clothing. 

Layer up your favorite winter picks for a comfy, cute look. These outfits are a must for those lovely chilly days spent outside! Layer a fitted pea coat or cozy wool coat over a denim jacket for the perfect winter street style. You can't go wrong with a cute knee-high skirt with leggings either; it gives you an attractive dolled up effortless look! It's the perfect balance between dressy and casual and ensures you won't be overly warm when indoors.

Professional Work Jackets

 A good blazer will help ensure you always look put together, even if you're wearing a pair of sneakers and a shirt. If your office dress code is quite reserved, chances are you'll need more than one blazer - so why not make them fun? Investing in a black and navy blue jacket is a must, though having a few options that show your true personality should be too. Plus it doesn't hurt that blazers are always in style, perfect for 5 a 7's or weekends. 

Best Women's Jackets for Cool-Weather Fashion

The best time to slip into a vest or jacket is whenever the temperature allows it! Even in the summertime, a light jacket is a perfect item to have with you at the office if the air conditioning is on. Other than that, transitional weather absolutely calls for sleek puffer vest or trendy top layer. 

If you live in a cold-weather climate, you already know that these types of garments are perfect for expressing your fashion sense during the fleeting spring and fall seasons. If you're a hot-weather dweller, you may turn to light jackets or a vest in the evening (or on vacation) to spruce up an otherwise simple outfit.

Vests occupy an exceptional place in the transitional wardrobe. Whether it's the very beginning of autumn or the tail end of winter, women's vests are the ultimate layering item. From sweaters to lighter long-sleeve shirts, there is an endless variety of clothing you can pair with your jacket to combat cold weather. A simple turtleneck adds a little extra wind protection and looks lovely when worn underneath this sleeveless number. A chunky sweater is a perfect layer for keeping extra-warm on a chilly day.

One recent trend that's made its way back into the mainstream is doubling up on denim. Next time you put on a pair of dark-wash jeans, try pairing them with a shirt or blouse of your choosing and topping the outfit off with a jean jacket of a slightly lighter wash. For a sleeveless solution, there are puffer vests, faux fur vests, and denim vests for women to keep you cool as the seasons change.