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Our Women’s Leggings: The Key to Closet Perfection

Leggings are the epitome of comfort, and an essential part of every woman’s closet. Once reserved exclusively for the gym or hanging out at home, these bottoms have taken on a whole new fashion role in recent times. Now, with styles including Ponte leggings, faux-suede leggings, high waisted leggings, and even jeggings with pockets as a more pant-like option, these comfy numbers have evolved far beyond their original use.


When it comes to styling women’s fashion leggings, pair it with a top that hits below the hips if you’re aiming for a more modest look. In the summer, that can mean a loose linen tank top or tunic-style shirt, and in the winter, a longline cardigan or big comfy knit will absolutely do the trick.

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a pair of chic patterned leggings, the corresponding top should be simple and minimal: you don’t want to get stuck with clashing patterns, or a look that detracts from the your leggings’ funky motif.

Depending on the fabric of your leggings, you may even be able to pass them off as a substitute for jeans or pants! Materials like Ponte have a bit more structure to them, and especially if your leggings have a pattern, embroidery, or another similar motif, they might just be your new favorite item for weeknight dinner plans or a day at the mall.

Women’s Leggings for Every Occasion

We trust your judgment! The appropriate time to wear certain pairs of leggings is highly dependent on the fabric and style of the garment. For example, plain, solid-color leggings made of a casual fabric like cotton or spandex are best reserved for lounging at home, a jog at the gym, or a trip to the grocery store.


However, if you own a pair of leggings made of a thicker, more structured fabric, like suede, for example, you can get away with wearing them to a restaurant or friendly get-together – just make sure that your t-shirt, blouse, or sweater is nice and polished!


One place that is almost universally legging-averse is the workplace. Unless your office is very casual, we suggest opting for a work pant or trouser to maintain a more classic, professional look when it matters most.

How to Fold and Organize Leggings

Leggings are an easy-care item! Simply fold them in half at the seam, then in half at the knee to make a square, and place them on any shelf in your closet. As long as you fold them correctly, leggings are not prone to wrinkling.