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Shop The Perfect Fitting Jeans For Women

Jeans are an iconic piece of the modern woman's wardrobe. We can all agree that if women's denim weren't in such high demand, there would be nowhere near as many styles, washes, and variations available on the market as there are today. Just think – if you're on the hunt for a perfect pair of jeans, you can choose from skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, distressed jeans, stretchy jeans, pull-on jeans, embellished jeans… the list goes on and on.

Shop The Best Denim Jeggings All Year

In the pursuit of creating the perfect women's jeans, a new breed of pant was recently brought into the fold: jeggings are denim's stretchier cousin, a hybrid between leggings and jeans (hence their name). As is the case with ladies' jeans, there are all kinds of different styles available, from black jeggings to pull-on jeggings – even denim jeggings! While they were once a gimmicky type of clothing, almost all major brands now produce and sell their own line of denim jeggings. They're just too comfy; you have to own more than one pair!

Ankle Jeggings

Jegging-style trousers are an excellent alternative to jeans. Ever since ankle jeggings were first introduced, they have been a hugely popular style. Ankle jeggings are a must-have for any woman looking to show off her legs without having them too exposed. They're the perfect combo with ankle booties, and they can be dressed up or down depending on your mood! So if you're looking for some new denim options this season, we highly suggest checking out this trendy style.

Pull-On Jeggings

One of the most popular items in many closets is pull-on skinny jeans. But what might be even more important than fashion is comfort! Pull-on jeggings are a staple item because they have all the utility and functionality as traditional denim with much less hassle. They never need buttons or zippers to get them up... just easy-wearing pants you won't want to take off anytime soon!

Patterned Jeggings

When you want to look your best but don't have time to put together a fancy outfit, patterned jeggings are just what you need. These comfortable stretch bottoms come with pull-on waistbands for effortless all-day wear that can be paired with a blouse, a tee, or even a turtleneck on cooler fall days.

Fashion Jeggings

Tribal Fashion has all of your fashion jegging needs with a variety of cuts, colors, and patterns.

Types of Jeans You Will Need

Tribal has made shopping for your new favourite pair of jeans a treat. Not only do we sell a wide variety of styles, but we also demand comfort and long-lasting wear once not available to us when we had to choose style over comfort. But gone are those days, not only will you love wiggling into your pair of new jeans, but you'll also want to keep them on all day long!

Wide Leg

Wide leg jeans are all the rage as they give you more room for movement, are comfortable to wear, and are a fresh alternative to skinny or straight-leg jeans. Wear them slightly cropped with a fun boot, or platform sandals.


Cropped jeans, also known as an ankle cut, hit right above the ankle. Cropped pants are often tapered or straight, though they can also be a flared crop which is very much in style this season.

Ripped Jeans

Whether you opt for jeans or jeggings, this type of pant is generally viewed as casual, though there are certain exceptions. Especially if you're reaching for a pair of ripped jeans for women, for example, there is a limit to how much you can fancy them up. The same goes for distressed jeans. That being said, as long as you stick to a darker wash with very minimal distressing, you should be able to dress up a pair of jeans or jeggings with a chic blouse for a night on the town or even wear your dressier jeans to work. A lighter wash pairs perfectly with a solid-colored tee and flats for a trendy daytime look.

Bootcut Jeans

Just like skinny ladies' pants have had their time to shine, boot-cut bottoms are making their way back into the fashion mainstream. These styles are generally a little more mature, perfect for a business casual or more formal office environment. For those that prefer a bit more room through the leg and calf, this cut is your best bet, offering a slightly more relaxed fit than their skinny counterparts. We recommend pairing bootcut bottoms with tops that fit a little closer to the body so that the looseness of the pants is balanced out with a slimmer top silhouette.

Skinny Jeans

They've been all the rage these days – skinny-fit pants are the go-to pick for tons of women that prefer a slick, nearly second-skin look that pairs wonderfully with a flowy top or chic light sweater. If you prefer wearing shirts that fit more loosely, you are probably already very familiar with skinny pants: when worn together, the balance created by these two types of garments is a style slam dunk.

High-Waisted Jeans

High-rise jeans, also known as high-waist jeans, are an alternative to the low rise/low waist trend. The once retro look has come back in style since they pair well with crop tops and tucked t-shirts.

Straight-Leg Jeans

Straight-cut jeans are a classic choice for those who enjoy the comfort of roominess. These types of cuts have been around since Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis created them in 1872, but they're not just for cowboys anymore! Straight-cut denim can be on the baggy side with 'boyfriend' style or fitted to show off your curves like slim-fit jeans.

Patterned Jeans

If you do get your hands on a pair of patterned jeans, we recommend keeping your shirt simple as not to detract from your funky bottoms, or create a look that's a little too busy. Try neutral tones like black, white, and beige to keep things classy, or try a pop of color on top (as long as you avoid wearing pattern-on-pattern) if your bottoms allow for it!

Slimming and Ultra-Flattering Women's Jeans Are Fashionable Too

Women nowadays have made it clear that they're not only looking for a high-quality pair of jeans, but they also don't want to feel confined while wearing them. You'd be amazed at the styles you can now find when looking for stretchy jeans nowadays. From high-rise to pull-on, there's a look out there that will fit not only your sense of style but also the comfort you've been looking for!

Reversible Jeans for Double the Styles!

Finding a dream pair of jeans that have not one but two looks is pretty unheard of. That is until recently when Tribal Fashion unveiled its reversible jeans that gave you two styles in one comfortable pair of jeans!

How to Style Your Jeans for Any Occasion

Perfectly fitting jeans are as ubiquitous as they are for a reason – they go with nearly everything! While white jeggings are a perfect summer staple and look best paired with a colorful top, a pair of dark-wash denim pants can be the epitome of cool with a classy black top or a simple white tee.

Given that jeans and jeggings don't often feature a patterned fabric (though many include fun details like rips, paint splatters, embroidery, jewels, and other embellishments), there is truly no limit to the number of outfits you can create. Each closet is a world of possibilities – with just a few pairs of jeans and jeggings at your disposal, it's easy to mix, match, and get creative!

Dress Up Your Jeans

If you are lucky enough to work in an office that allows jeans to work, high-end dark-wash jeans will make the cut if you pair them with a blazer or a beautiful blouse. Pull the look together with a great pair of shoes, and you're good to go!

Jeans for the Fall Season

Tribal's 2021 fall/winter clothing line has all the latest looks you need for a fashionable season!