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Comfort Meets Style with Our Women’s Capris and Bermuda shorts

The weather is nice and warm, and you're on the hunt for a pair of women’s shorts that have a little extra fabric and length to offer. You might be looking for not-so-short styles if you’re traveling to a touristic destination that requires a more modest outfit – maybe you’re just looking for a trendy pair of bottoms that will be as cute as they are comfortable! Whatever the case may be, women's Capris or Bermuda shorts are the ultimate solution for those that prefer a longer inseam than the average women's cutoff-style shorts.


While Bermudas can be dressed up with the right shirts and accessories, they are also great for outdoor fun. Whether you’re hiking, horseback riding, or playing a friendly round of golf, these women’s long shorts are ideal for life’s warm-weather adventures.


Depending on the style you choose, these bottoms may be perceived as quite casual in materials like denim, or styles like cargo shorts. In these cases, it’s best to wear your Bermudas in a more relaxed setting – think picnics with family, a day among friends, or a walk to the park with the kids.


If your knee-length shorts are on the dressier side, you can experiment with tailored blouses and trendy tops to elevate your look. In terms of footwear, we recommend putting on a pair of dressy flats or chic wedges to give your Bermudas a fashion boost. 


For those who want a little more coverage than shorts without crossing over into full-length pants, women’s capris are a great warm-weather piece. Hitting above the ankle, they are often made of a nice light material so you can stay cool and look cool in one fell swoop.

How to Style Bermuda Shorts and Capri Pants

If you are wearing a casual pair of Bermudas, make sure that whichever top you choose, reflects the same kind of style! Cotton tees, athletic long-sleeves, and generally loose-fitting shirts and tank tops go perfectly with a pair of denim Bermuda shorts, for example. These types of bottoms can make for a great sporty look.


On the other hand, Capri pants are polished enough to wear to a restaurant on a warm summer night. If your destination is a family restaurant, or a more mid-range dining experience, there's no need to get too fancy on top – a nice t-shirt or light sweater will do. If the venue is a touch fancier, make sure to wear a dressier blouse or top.

Are Bermuda Shorts and Caprls Business Casual?

With a thoughtfully-selected top, accessories, and shoes, you can absolutely wear Bermuda shorts or capris as a business casual outfit, provided they are of a high-quality, polished-looking material. To dress up your Bermudas or capris, try pairing them with a complementary sport jacket or blazer: this combination works great with a simple, elegant top underneath, plus a pair of wedges or dressy flats to tie the outfit together.



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