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Women's Golf Attire Made For The Greens | Tribal Fashion

Women's Golf Attire Made For The Greens
Women's Golf Attire Made For The Greens





Women's Golf Attire has gone through many changes throughout the years. It's no longer just khakis and polo tops! Women's golf outfits are now comfortable, stylish, and keep you cool and covered. While many municipal golf courses will allow you to wear whatever you want, there are still rules you must follow for private, semi-private, and resort golf establishments. 





Requirements may vary slightly among courses; most dress codes are par for the course. It's essential to know the basic rules of proper golfing attire for women, and Tribal's Golf Collection has a variety of styles that are comfortable and fashionable and suitable for the greens.





What Is Considered Proper Golf Bottoms?


Any seasoned golfer will tell you that without a flashy pair of bottoms that are breathable, and allows for optimal movement, your outfit is simply incomplete! According to a survey conducted by Golf Digest, two-thirds of public golf courses in the U.S. are allowing players to wear blue jeans; they don't give you the ample freedom needed to really get your muscles moving for that perfect swing. 


While some courses still require women to wear skirts, many of them allow pants or shorts. Golf dresses and skorts are a popular choice, as they are both stylish and comfortable, giving you the coverage you need no matter where your ball lands. Other standard options are capris, crops or shorts as well as slacks.


Why Are Skorts Popular on the Greens?


Skorts are an excellent choice for women's golf attire, as they blend the iconic feminine look of a skirt with the functionality of shorts. Tribal's line of golf skorts all have pockets, which means you have easy access to tees, balls, and gloves. Skorts allow golfers to wear various lengths and styles, though the straight cut skort will remain a staple in every golfer's wardrobe!


Benefits of Wearing Capris and Bermudas


Looking your best as you nail a hole-in-one is a breeze when wearing a pair of capris or Bermudas! If you're looking for a bit more coverage, or live in a cooler climate, capris are the perfect golf apparel. Capris are ideal as they're fashionable both on and off the green and come in an assortment of colors, fabrics, and lengths. Tribal's pull-on capri pants are stretchy and come in many exciting patterns and eye-catching motifs!

Tribal's Golf Collection also includes a pair of pull-on Bermudas made especially for the course! Made of a stretchy fabric that hugs the body just right, these Bermudas are light, durable, delivering all-day comfort without compromising movement.


Will Proper Golf Dress Codes Affect Golf Performance?


While you may think dress codes may be strict, it will never hinder your golf performance. When shopping for your golf wardrobe, remember to look for breathable, quick-dry, and lightweight fabrics. Many of our styles in the collection are made with a unique, UPF 50+ technical fabric, perfect for those long days outside. 

Our  ¼ zip mock-neck top has vented mesh undersleeves to keep you cool, and the long sleeves will give you much-needed protection from the harsh sun during your round of golf.


Other Alternative Outfits That You Can Wear

Last but not least, the golf dress!


Our golf and leisure dress is also made with a special technical fabric that gives you UPF 50+ sun protection. This dress hits you right above-the-knee and has a stylish quarter-zip, side pockets, and inner shorts (also with pockets!) make this golf dress a hole-in-one! This style comes in three unique and colorful patterns that will have you looking good from tee-off to cool down.


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