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Differences Between Leggings vs. Jeggings?
Differences Between Leggings vs. Jeggings?



Summer is coming to a close, and with cooler days fast approaching, it’s time to find the perfect bottoms to keep you warm and stylish. More and more women are continuing to find jeans and pants far less ideal for the every day and less trendy! Are you looking for more flattering, comfortable, and fashionable alternatives to pants? Leggings and jeggings are the answer. 

It then comes down to - leggings vs jeggings? There are a few differences between the two, and both are very common in a women’s wardrobe. Be it for casual wear, exercise, shopping or a more glam look, both of these bottoms can be a great option. Read on to learn all about leggings vs. jeggings.

What Are Leggings?

Leggings are a chic wardrobe staple made for every shape and size! These bottoms flatter and flaunt the silhouette and come in various fabrics, textures, colors and prints. Originally, leather or cloth leggings were worn by men for horseback riding. Nowadays, women have taken on the look and embraced their versatility in so many stylish ways.

Leggings are tight-fitting, stylish bottoms designed with a soft material that can be worn on any occasion. They can be high or low waist and reach ankle or mid-calf length. Today, most leggings are made of cotton or polyester with a blend of elastane or spandex to ensure their elasticity. 


When And How To Wear Leggings

There are a number of other pant selections available with the same materials as leggings. However, these pants are often more loose-fitting and less flattering. One of the most popular reasons women wear leggings is due to how flattering they are on the body. Leggings come with varying characteristics that make them more appropriate for certain situations than others.

The cut is key! As leggings are fitted to a silhouette, they’re not always the best choice to wear on a formal or professional occasion. That is unless you’re choosing to wear our Stretchy Faux-Suede Flatten It Legging, which, when paired with the perfect boot and blouse, can make for a sophisticated look. Tunics or long tops pair great with leggings of a darker shape.

More casual leggings are perfect for the gym, shopping, or a day out with friends or family. There are a number of colors and prints available so you can get creative with your look.

What Are Jeggings?

Jeggings are essentially leggings designed to imitate the look of denim jeans, just more comfortable! The fabric of jeggings is either polyester, cotton or a spandex blend. They provide the same amount of comfort and movability for women. You may be asking, what’s the difference then? It mainly comes down to the appearance of jeggings.

Some leggings are so well-designed and imitate denim so well that they can pass for genuine skinny jeans. Jeggings are a far more fun, comfortable and flattering alternative to jeans that even come equipped with pockets. What could be better?


When And How To Wear Jeggings?

Now that we know jeggings are more stylish, imitation jeans- how and when can you wear them? Jeggings are designed to imitate jeans, which means they should be worn differently from leggings. They provide much more coverage and can even be more formal than leggings. Our Five-Pocket Comfort Jegging is perfect for when you want to slip into something comfortable, yet timeless. They’re perfect for a casual outing but can also be dressed up! The Sophia Curvy Fit Jegging is designed for women that want to show off their curvier figure for every occasion.

Main Differences Between Leggings vs. Jeggings

To determine which is best for you, consider several things. Leggings are best suited for more practical, casual settings where comfort is a priority. Whereas jeggings are great for those who desire the look and style of jeans but prefer the comfort of leggings. Comparison Table Between Leggings and Jeggings


Parameter of Comparison



Leggings are tight-fitting, stretched pants primarily worn by women and girls.

Jeggings are tight-fitting pants that imitate denim jeans.


Cotton jersey

Knit polyester with spandex

Colors and Prints

Leggings are much easier to print and come in a variety of colors and styles.

Jeggings resemble denim jeans, so the colors are often hues of blue or black.

Feel and Comfort

Leggings are soft, movable and comfortable.

Jeggings may be slightly rougher in feel but still comfortable.


Leggings are often one solid color or printed.

Jeggings have the illusion of stitches, pockets and buttons.

How to Style Leggings and Jeggings

Now it’s time to style your leggings or jeggings! Fortunately, both bottoms go with a number of pieces. It all depends on your style and the look you’re going for. If you desire a more casual, weekend look, pair our staple Flatten It Soft Knit Corduroy Legging with a classic tunic or T-shirt. 

Date night? Try our stunning and unique Audrey Pull-On Cropped Straight Leg Jegging with a fitted blouse or sleeveless top and riding boots. 

Why Are Leggings Getting More Popular Each Season?

Every year, each season, leggings become more and more popular with no signs of slowing down! A wardrobe staple that’s always on-trend, leggings can be spotted on women everywhere. Fashion leggings are popular because of their versatility with prints, fabrics and colors. Whether you’re going for a retro design or a modern look, you can make your leggings suit your style. Also, the ease of wear makes leggings a comfortable, effortless and, needless to say, stylish choice.

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