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Ideas For How To Style Bermuda Shorts
Ideas For How To Style Bermuda Shorts



Bermuda shorts are back like they never left! In 2021, they’re even trendier and stylish than they were before. When worn correctly, Bermuda shorts are the perfect bottoms to be worn in any hot climate. Bermuda shorts are an essential summertime short option when paired with the right top, footwear, and accessories. That being said, there are still a few rules to follow to pull off this look!


Here are Tribal’s ideas for how to style Bermuda Shorts this summer.




5 Ways To Wear Bermuda Shorts

1) Classic Style

Many styles of Bermuda Shorts are designed to be strictly casual. However, don’t overlook the notion that certain styles of Bermuda Shorts can be designed to look sophisticated and polished. Our Super Stretch Pull-On Bermuda is the perfect, not-so-short short for warmer days. Available in either Punch or Almond, these Bermuda Shorts are the polished ideal for more formal occasions, whether on the golf course, out for lunch or even for a casual work meeting. The immaculate tailoring, sleek lines and fitted silhouette our Bermuda Shorts offer are the key addition to any classic wardrobe.

2) Add Bright Elements

Just because your Bermuda Shorts are neutral doesn’t mean your entire look has to be as well! Add bright elements to pair with your shorts for a more colourful, exciting summer look. Bermudas and summer are a match made in heaven! That means that it’s only fitting to keep your outfit bright, light and radiant.


3) Denim Is The Key

There are summer days where it is just too hot outside to wear jeans comfortably. Fortunately, you don’t have to! Bermuda Shorts are the perfect alternative to denim. Our Audrey 5 Pocket Bermuda Shorts in Blueglow are the most stylish cut-off jean shorts available. These denim Bermuda’s will never go out of style! You can pair them with a solid t-shirt and flip flops or choose to go more trendy with a sleeveless tank top and wedges.

4) Mix Your Stripes

A pair of Bermudas with an airy blouse on the hottest summer days is a favorite outfit to wear for many. Look for a silhouette that flares out at the knee as they're far more comfortable in the heat! From bike rides to picnics, our pair of cuffed Bermuda shorts were designed for all-day comfort. These stretchy twill bottoms are even styled with five pockets to hold small items while on the go! 

5) Experiment With Prints

Experimenting with your look is one of the biggest indicators of having style! Prints in a variety of colors make it easy to identify which is perfectly suited for your personality. Summer is the ideal time to experiment with your look. Add a few pops of color and interesting prints you wouldn’t normally wear to mix up your look.

The Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds comes from an ancient and timeless design concept applied to all visual compositions from photography to architecture, art and more. This concept suggests that a composition is most appealing to one’s eye when its elements are divided into either two-third ratios or a one-third ratio. Although we cannot consciously understand why we prefer certain outfits, images, or art to others, one of the possible reasons is that the designer or artist who created the item has applied the Rule of Thirds.


With Bermuda Shorts, applying the Rule of Thirds can be challenging. It involves having the hem lengths of the shorts and tops just right. Style your silhouette to fit your body shape perfectly and flatter it. 

Trendy Bermuda Denim Short Outfits

It’s quite easy to create an outfit with trendy Bermuda denim Shorts for every day. Take a white and black plaid button-down blouse or shirt and pair it with the cuffed shorts. Add a pop of color with sandals or accessories. You can also opt instead for a neutral colored top and make it more sporty with a baseball cap and crossbody bag with sneakers. On cooler days, add a blazer to the look or a leather jacket!

What Kind of Tops Work With Bermuda Shorts?

Tops are the most important part of most looks, especially when paired with shorts. What kind of tops work with Bermuda Shorts? Structured tops with a sleek button-down resemble a clean, modern and stylish look with the boyfriend-fitted Bermuda Shorts. More feminine tops pair well with longer Bermuda Shorts to make the look feel more feminine and flattering on the body. Choose a lace, ruffled or pleated top with fuller sleeves. Fitted tops or bodysuits are arguably the most trendy tops to pair with Bermuda Shorts, especially if you have an hourglass shape.


Knotted t-shirts or tied shirts in the front help shorten the overall length of your shirt and elongate your legs for a flattering appearance. Oversized t-shirts are the perfect, sporty look with fitted Bermuda Shorts. Try a graphic or band tee and tuck half of the front into your shorts for a perfectly on-trend look. Regardless of what top you choose, ensure you wear it with confidence and pair it precisely to your style with your favorite Bermuda Shorts! For more info, shop Tribal Fashion's website.

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