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Girls Golfing Clothing Guide in 2021 | Tribal Fashion

Girls Golfing Clothing Guide in 2021
Girls Golfing Clothing Guide in 2021



When it comes to upping your golf game, the proper clothing is just as important as having the right clubs! The key to success is using gear that feels comfortable and fits well with your body type so you can move freely on the course without restrictions. Lucky for you, Tribal has everything you need to ensure you feel great and look fantastic on the green!

Polo Shirts


Polo shirts are a staple for many female golfers. You can find them in many different styles and colors, so you're sure to have one for any occasion! Tribal's UPF 50+ Sun Protection Polo perfectly encapsulates the iconic preppy, sporty comfort look. Made from eco-conscious recycled fabric, this top offers fast drying breathability with an antibacterial treatment that is fast-drying and breathable. Our polo shirt features a four-button collar and vertical seaming to create that all-important hourglass figure.


Layering Up Your Outfit

When it comes to dressing for the weather, layering is always a smart move. The type of clothing you wear while golfing is crucial. Golfers must prepare for the full range of conditions, so choose three layers that will work in any situation: an outer layer to protect against wind and rain; a mid-layer like fleece or wool that keeps your core warm without adding undue weight from thick fabrics; and finally, a base layer such as a cotton undershirt which wicks moisture away from the skin.

Our Zippered Polo can be sporty or sophisticated, depending on how you style it. The lightweight, breathable shadow stripe top can be paired with one of our stretchy skorts and windbreaker.


Golf Dresses from Tribal Clothing

Golf Dresses

Golf dresses are perfect for the green. Tribal's golf dresses are made from high-quality, breathable fabrics and cut to be flattering on any body type; these ladies' golf clothing will make a fashion statement when you tee off! With long sleeves in cooler weather or sleeveless during warm seasons, there's a look for everyone. 


Our UPF 50+ Golf Dress With Pockets and Shorts are made of a unique fabric with UPF 50+ sun protection. This patterned fabric has moisture-wicking, quick-dry and breathable properties perfect for cooler days on the green. This long sleeve dress hits you right above the knee and has a stylish quarter-zip, side pockets and inner shorts. 


Are you putting in a warmer climate? Our Short Sleeve Golf Dress With Inner Shorts includes matching shorts for enhanced comfort and ease of movement. This color-block dress is designed with practical pockets, a white tip collar and short sleeves, a quarter zip with rhinestone pull and a silhouette that hits right above the knee.

Bottoms Golf Clothing from Tribal Fashion


The right pair of golfing bottoms are essential for any woman's wardrobe. Our UPF 50+ Pull-On Skort comes in a variety of patterns, and some even have matching tops. Made from a high-end technical fabric with UPF 50+ sun protection, these fun bottoms are designed to be quick-drying, breathable, and wick away any moisture on your skin so you can comfortably enjoy a full day on the course! 

Skorts & Capris

As you nail a hole-in-one, looking your best is a breeze when wearing a pair of capris or a skort! Capris is the perfect golf apparel if you're looking for a bit more coverage or living in a cooler climate. Capris are ideal as they're fashionable both on and off the green. Tribal's popular Flatten-It® Pull-On Capris are stretchy and come in many colours. 

Skorts are an excellent choice for women's golf attire, as they blend the iconic feminine look of a skirt with the functionality of shorts. Additionally, skorts allow golfers to wear various lengths and styles, though the Pull-On Skort will remain a staple in every golfer's wardrobe! Tribal's line of golf skorts all have pockets, which means you have easy access to tees, balls, and gloves.

Rules for Wearing White

Some golfers wear white as it is traditionally associated with good luck and can give the wearer an advantage over their competitors. In addition, wearing light colors reduces glare which helps maintain focus, especially when visibility conditions are less than optimal due to rain or foggy weather. Our crips white Flatten-It® Pull-On Stretch Shorts create a flattering, slimming fit that hugs your curves. They're the perfect staple for your golfing wardrobe, as they can be paired with virtually any top! 

Avoid Being Too Casual

If you've never golfed before, it can be hard to know the appropriate attire for the course. Some clubs have more strict dress codes than others, and even then, there are still some general guidelines that should always be followed when out on the green. 

When dressing like a lady on the green, the general rule is no jeans or casual wear. Shorts or skirts above knee length work best as they allow ample movement while playing any type of shot. Most importantly, these clothes won't inhibit anyone from taking care of their high-class fashion sense by hitting ground shots into heavy roughs. 

Now that you know the fashion must-haves for the greens, it's time to shop Tribal Fashion's Golf Collection

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