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Are Leggings still trending in 2021
Are Leggings still trending in 2021

There is a constant amid the chaos: we’re bound to love leggings forever. They are the ultimate wardrobe piece for work from home warriors, and busy Mother’s alike.

A General Overview of Legging Trends

When it comes to timeless wardrobe staples, leggings are a no-brainer. They’re great for working out, running errands or lounging around the house – among a zillion other uses. While this fashion essential is just as prone to the whims of the trend cycle as anything else, they’ve never vanished from our repertoire. Given that they hold so many of our favorite outfits together, it’s no wonder. Although there is always a new and revamped take on trendy leggings, their comfort and versatility remain unmatched.

Basic Black Leggings

Much like the little black dress, your basic black leggings will truly never go out of style. You can pair them with an oversized sweater, a denim skirt, or a flowery dress. Wear them with booties or sneakers. A blessing to any closet, you can produce about as many styles as there are stars in the sky with basic black leggings. Try our full-length black stretch jersey legging on for size and tell us you don’t love it. Bonus: they boast our trademark Flatten It® design with a built-in tummy-control panel for that extra flattering fit.

Colorful Leggings

While a lot of fanciful decor has been added to basic leggings as a way of jazzing them up, making them pop, and providing a vast array of choices among trendsetting legging lovers, most people still crave a spectrum of clean, simple, solid colors and gentle fabrics. Much like the simple black legging, a solid legging of any color is the goddess of fashion’s gift to personal style. What better way to express your mood-du-jour than leggings in floral, tie-dye, and animal print? Occasionally, one might want a mix of all three–and there’s a legging for that too. 

Front-detailed Leggings

Although there are no hard-and-fast rules, leggings tend to remain loyal to that classic streamlined look: the ultra-flattering, ultra-defined silhouette. In activewear however, there’s more of a tendency to gravitate toward a bit more adornment these days. From fanciful trim to original seaming details, contrasting textures, front detailing like zips and waist ties, leather panels, or transparent mesh, the big idea is a legging for your action-packed life that’s both functional and chic. 


Animal-Printed Leggings

Animal prints are, and shall forever be, a timeless classic in fashion. Big cat prints like leopard, cheetah, and jaguar continue to grace our catwalks, as do a wide variety of snake, zebra, and even cowhide inspired looks. And with the advent of new techniques like pattern blocking and ombré, animal print designs have only become more sophisticated. These subtle snake-inspired leggings represent a perfect marriage between the comfortable cotton/spandex legging and the perfectly conceived stylish addition. 


Textured Leggings

While basic black shall forever be a staple, smart ‘n sexy black leggings with textured moto details continue to trend. For a truly unique and ever-comfortable take on the textured legging, try these stretchy corduroy leggings on for size and see how they make you feel. Boasting our trademark Flatten It® technology, this figure-friendly item gently slims at the waist and flaunts your curves all at once–a boon to any wardrobe! 

Vegan Leggings

Whether it’s faux leather or faux suede, our generation of leggings are happily animal friendly–but that doesn’t make them any less evocative of our more animalistic qualities. These stunningly chic black faux-leather leggings can slam the glam back into any look. If you’re more of a softie, go ahead and feel these extraordinarily soft and stretchy faux-suede leggings! These extra comfy bottoms boast a hidden elastic waistband and subtle dream seams to give you that figure-flattering yet edgy look at the same time.

Ponte Leggings

Ponte pants are a fantastic option when you work from home, as they are a cross between leggings and skinny jeans. Ponte is a thick, double-knit fabric with lots of stretch that molds to your body and flatters your figure. Tribal's pull-on ponte leggings come in a variety of patterns that coordinate with all of your wardrobe favorites.