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6 Ways to Style a Puffer Jacket
6 Ways to Style a Puffer Jacket

What Is a Puffer Jacket


Puffer jackets are a wintertime staple, keeping you warm and comfortable throughout the colder months. This jacket style is designed with an iconic quilted look with sections stitched with insulation, giving it the "puff" appearance. A puffer jacket can range in its puffiness depending on the thickness of insulation.



How to Style Puffer Jacket

Styling a puffer jacket is relatively straightforward, and it is ordinarily worn as a more casual piece. However, when styled correctly, it can look fantastic as street-style wear.

1) Pair Neutral Puffer Jacket with Bright Colors

Add some fun and style to your everyday look by pairing your neutral-toned puffer jacket with bright-colored accessories. Think a neon toque, shiny boots, or a chunky patterned scarf. Black puffer jackets also look fantastic with bold colored knitwear, like our intarsia knit mock neck sweater, which comes in two fashionable patterns.


2) Contrast Your Styling Silhouettes

When you have an outfit with various pieces, it is important to keep your look balanced. Coordinate your look with elements that contrast. If you're wearing an oversized top and puffer, make sure to style them with more skin-tight pants or leggings.

For example, when you're rocking our short quilted water-repellent puffer jacket, wear a tighter pair of jeans, as puffers are bulky on the top. Try to coordinate your ensemble with a similar colored sweater as the puffer that cuts at the same spot as your jacket to avoid a frumpy look.

3) Dressing a Long Puffer Jackets

Long puffer jackets are especially popular in cities with colder climates as they give you more warmth. Tribal Fashion has a variety of longer puffer jackets in their fall/winter 2021 fashion line for you to discover.

Our reversible color puffer coat with fur interior is bound to be your cozy cold-weather staple, as it can be worn two ways. One side has a classic nylon puffer with a hint of fur trim on the hood, and the reverse is colored lux fur! Coordinate your look with a pair of dark jeans or jeggings and a pair of patterned boots.

4) Mixing Puffer Jacket with Turtleneck

Wearing a puffer jacket with a turtleneck is an iconic look. It always looks great and can be pulled off with any length of puffer jacket. Our water-repellent packable puffer coat hits just above the knee and comes in three shades. As the piece is lightweight, it can be worn with our multi-colored space-dyed turtle neck for an added layer.

5) Dressing Your Puffer Jacket with 80s Style

Style a colored puffer jacket like our quilted puffer coat with light-colored jeans for an 80's inspired look that is both fashionable and fun. For added flair, slip on a cropped top before heading out onto town!

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