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Proper Golf Attire For Women

While visiting the municipal golf course to hit a couple of balls may allow you to wear whatever you'd like, many women playing at private, semi-private, or resort golf courses have strict rules on what you can and cannot wear on the premises. Although proper golf attire will vary slightly from course to course, most dress codes follow universal standard rules.


Golf Tops

Courses with dress codes will ask women to wear blouses with sleeves, or sleeveless shirts with a collar. This polo-style top is practically synonymous with female golf attire, as they come in a wide variety of colors and designs such as button-down collars, v-necks, or zip tops. Mandarin collar tops are also widely accepted, though many private courses will not allow t-shirts, halters, or tank tops. 


Long Sleeve Tops

Long sleeve tops are a favorite for many women who would like an added layer to shield them from the sun. Our ¼ zip mock-neck is made out of a quick-dry technical fabric that wicks away moisture and is completely breathable. It also gives you UPF 50+ sun protection! Available in fashionable patterns, our UPF 50+ golf zip mock neck with mesh undersleeves is perfect for those blazing hot days spent on or off the course.


Polo Shirts & Dresses

Polo shirts are a go-to for many golf enthusiasts, and for a good reason! They look great, come in a rainbow of colors and patterns, and look sharp on the greens and in the clubhouse. Our soft piqué cotton sleeveless polo shirt comes in three styles, perfect to wear on their own or layered. This basic can pair with all of your skorts, Bermuda's and shorts!

We've also elevated this iconic look by transforming the polo into a comfortable, sophisticated golf polo dress. Made of soft poly jersey fabric, this dress sports a classic preppy collar and stylish quarter-zip detail that complements its striped motif perfectly. The undershorts are an added bonus for you to move around or pick-up your ball with ease.


Collared Tops 

Not a fan of polo shirts? No problem! We also have two classic sleeveless mandarin collar tops that are perfect for tee off, tennis, and drinks at the club with your friends!   


Golf Bottoms

Slacks or khakis are typically worn in the colder months, but your options are plentiful on warmer days. Shorter pants such as capris, Bermudas, skorts, or skirts are all fair game. Whatever you do, just don't wear your jeans! 



Skorts, named after the blending of skirts and shorts, were created in the 60s, but now they've been widely adopted into women's sportswear, as they're both feminine and comfortable. Skorts are also becoming more practical, as many come equipped with pockets for balls, tees, and gloves. 

Tribal's UPF 50+ golf pull-on skort with pockets gives you the coverage you need from the sun and hits just above the knee. Like our tops, this bottom is made out of quick-dry technical fabric that wicks away moisture and is completely breathable. Tribal's golf and leisure collection also has a dress made with the same UPF 50+ technical fabric with both side pockets and inner shorts (with pockets!), which is a total hole-in-one look.



Our fashionable golf skirt matches perfectly with classic sleeveless mandarin collar tops or polo shirts. This skirt features a full-length zipper detail, a striped border hem, front pockets, and practical shorts for ease of movement. 

If you love the classic femininity of a skirt but also enjoy the modest comfort of a pair of shorts, we've designed a pull-on skort with pockets and a stylish curved side slit. The skirt hugs you in all the right places, and nobody will guess it's actually a skort! 



Capris are a popular choice, as they are notably comfy and give you the coverage you need no matter where your ball lands. Tribal's Golf Collection has a variety of patterned pull-on capris that are great for hitting a few balls or cruising in the cart, and will be your next favorite closet staple!

Are you looking for both a stylish pattern with a shorter fit? Our pull-on golf Bermudas are ideal for on and off the course. This easy-breezy look is a light and durable fabric, delivering superior comfort and elevated form. 


Why Is It Important to Have Proper Attire for Golf? 

Any experienced golfer will tell you, the power of swings come from the synergetic movements of muscle groups in the body, in the legs, hips, chest, and shoulders. 

When you wear clothing that allows for freedom in your movement, you'll maximize the major muscle groups you use while you swing. Once you feel good about what you're wearing, you play even better!

You'll also never realize how essential suitable golfing gear is until you run into stormy conditions without it. Be sure to have a windbreaker or sweater handy, and check with your golf courses clothing etiquette as some ban sweatshirts in the warmer seasons. If you live in an area where sporadic rainfall is the norm, invest in water-repellent golf pants or coat. 


Protection From the Elements

Sunny and warm conditions are the best for a round of golf, but you'll not only be competing against your partners. Battling the heat with proper clothing is important for your health and safety! Wear shirts and bottoms made from breathable, quick-dry fabric. Be sure to bring a layer that can shield you from extended periods in the sun, and invest in a hat or visor. 


Aesthetic and Professional Looks

Like any other sport, you want to ensure you look and feel great about what you're wearing. No matter where you're golfing this season, Tribal's Golf Collection is full of chic items both on and off the course. Who knows? Maybe your next Tribal purchase will become your lucky item of clothing!