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Shop Women's Pants for Every Occasion 

When it's time to kick things up a notch from casual jeans, a professional pant should be your go-to option! This type of bottom is exceptionally broad, with tons of different styles, materials, cuts, and shapes to choose from. Let's explore a few variations of the classic women's pants that are total closet staples.

Skinny Women's Pants For All! 

They've been all the rage these days; skinny-fit pants are the go-to pick for tons of women! Perfect for those who prefer a slick, nearly second-skin look that pairs wonderfully with a flowy top or chic light sweater. If you prefer wearing shirts that fit more loosely, you are probably already very familiar with skinny pants. When worn together, the balance created by these two types of garments is a style slam dunk.

Just like skinny ladies' pants have had their time to shine, slim-fit and boot-cut bottoms are making their way back into the fashion mainstream. These styles are trendy yet perfect for a business casual or more formal office environment. 

For those that prefer a bit more room through the leg and calf, these two cuts are your best bet, offering a slightly more relaxed fit than their skinny counterparts. We recommend pairing slim and boot bottoms with tops that fit a little closer to the body so that the looseness of the pant is balanced out with a narrower top silhouette.

Strut Your Stuff in Women's Crop Pants 

For a look that's perfect for summertime, women's capri pants or crop pants can be just as work-appropriate as a full-length trouser. Just make sure the material is polished enough to make the cut! 

What Height is Women's Petite Clothing for? 

At Tribal, we pride ourselves on providing our shoppers with the best and most consistent fit possible. This promise includes offering petite sizing for select garments. For women under 5'4", petite clothing is often the answer to any issues they have encountered with pant length, longer inseams, and a front rise that isn't quite right while shopping for standard women's clothing.

Dress Up Your Pants

Some situations and occasions call for something a little more refined than denim, and that's where pants and trousers come in. Our pull-on styles are particularly popular for those looking to blend comfort and class. The stretchy Bengaline fabric we use for many of our pieces is a fan favorite and a best seller.

Comfortable and Stylish Work Pants for Women 

Gone are the days where a pair of comfy yet chic work pants were hard to come by. Now there are stylish bottoms for your nine to five that are both corporate and cozy. What's great is that you can find a pair of dress pants that can match your sense of style too, with small, subtle details.  

Straight-Leg Pants for Work 

Comfortable work pants are so essential for your wardrobe! Straight-leg pants are a great option for work attire as they are professional but not too formal. Choose dark tones and pair them with a crisp blouse. 

Printed Work Pants

If your office dress code allows it, printed work pants are a fantastic way to spice up your wardrobe. If you love floral prints, try pairing your patterned pants with a top in the same color palette. Alternatively, for those who prefer classic styles, polka dots or stripes are always an option!

Work Ankle Pants

Ankle-length pants are a great way to breathe new life into your work basics and make your favourite Monday-Friday outfits feel fresh. They're the perfect alternative to wearing classic trousers, plus their sleek proportion (think slim and slightly cropped) is surprisingly easy to wear for any woman that wants an updated look without having too many changes in her wardrobe.

Pull-on Work Pants

Gone are the days of frumpy, pull-on pants. Now pants that are proper for work attire are available in virtually every colour, style and cut! Tribal Fashion's famous Flatten-It Trouser gives you a boost of confidence thanks to an exclusive built-in tummy-control panel. 

Day-to-Night Fashion Dress Pants

To take your outfit from work to cocktails with friends, investing in a pair of black ladies’ pants is the way to go. You'll be able to transition your look more effortlessly! Black looks polished during the day, and you can give your outfit an elevated twist by combining colorful accessories and a pair of fun shoes. If you're not a fan of black, try wearing other neutral colors like brown or tan. 

How to Measure Yourself for Women's Pants

Shopping online might be convenient, but there are still drawbacks. It can often be challenging to figure out which size is right for you for clothing in particular. That's why knowing how to measure your body as well as the clothes themselves will help make shopping more enjoyable rather than frustrating!

  • Waist: Measure the circumference of your waist at the slimmest part. 
  • Hips: Measure the circumference of your hip bone. 
  • Inseam - Standing tall with your legs at hip-width, have someone measure from your crotch down to the bottom of your ankle. 
  • Thigh - Standing tall with your legs at hip-width, have someone measure down from your crotch 5-6 inches and measure the circumference around your leg at this level.

Choose Your Leg Opening

When shopping online for women's pants, pay close attention to the leg opening to get an idea of the overall fit and look. 


Flare jeans, a style that has been around since the late 60s but was massively popular in the 70s and 80s, have made a comeback. They are flattering on nearly everyone and come in tons of different styles to suit any personality type.

Wide Leg

great for those days where comfort is key, wide-leg jeans are a comfortable style that will look chic when paired with heels or flats. The wide opening of the pants makes them perfect for balancing out larger hips and thighs, while the wider cut-through knees make these more relaxed than skinny styles. 

Get your ideal pant rise

The rise of your pants is important because it determines where they sit on your body, creating a perceived waistline.

High Rise Pants

High-rise pants give the wearer a slimmer figure, which is an obvious plus for those who want to maintain their shape. High-rise jeans can also be beneficial because they provide coverage in places where low waistlines often don't cover adequately (think stomach area). 

Mid Rise

Mid-rise pants offer a comfortable fit without being too tight in the stomach area. Sitting just below your natural waistline, mid-rises cover more of the lower abdomen than low-rise jeans.

Low Rise Pants

Low-rise pants are designed with a waistband that sits on your hips instead of around your natural waistline. 

Flatten-It® Tummy Taming Technology

Flatten-It® pants are all about looking good while feeling comfortable at the same time. The design shapes, flattens and flatters with a built-in tummy control panel and comes in several styles, colors and cuts to choose from. There’s a tummy taming look for every occasion! 

Women's Pants For Fall 

If you're in need of the best fall fashion, you're in luck! Shop Tribal Fashion for all of your Fall/Winter 2021 wardrobe must-haves.