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Why Animal Prints in Fashion will Always be Trendy

Why Animal Prints in Fashion will Always be Trendy
Why Animal Prints in Fashion will Always be Trendy

By their very definition, trends are passing phases. However, while some trends are fleeting fancies, others fall into the tried, true, and unquestionably timeless category. Enter animal prints in fashion. While their popularity may wax and wane, they’re counted among the pillars of our fashion sense time and again. Having adorned our mothers and their mothers before them, animalistic fashion is still as hot as ever.

The Feline Family

Animal prints are all the rage right now, but the sheer variety of prints can be overwhelming. If you’re exploring the wild world of animal fashion for the first time, starting with the classic popularity of the feline family is a safe bet.

Leopard Print

Fact: anyone who loves leopard print fashion knows it’s a long term tryst. For a touch of warm elegance, try this anytime leopard print melton vest on for size. Its cozy shawl collar is a creature comfort you’re sure to love. Ideally suited to cold winter days, this sophisticated number is form-fitting, flattering, and versatile.


Jaguar Print

Bold and earthy, jaguar print fashion is a playful departure from monochrome monotony. This jaguar-inspired animal print cardigan can turn any outfit into a winning look. Sure to turn heads and win hearts, this eye-catching piece will keep you warm and looking fine all season long. For bonus points, slide your hands into deep side slit pockets and keep it together with an old school single waist button.


Cheetah Print

Cheetah print is decidedly stark and stylish at the same time. Our cheetah print-inspired blouse with neck smocking is decorated with a cute yet understated feminine pattern and boasts a smocked neck with a flirty necktie for good measure. For just a hint of the wild side, slide into this comfortable, effortless piece!

How to Dress with Animal Prints

You’ve decided to integrate animal prints into your wardrobe, and we’re excited for you! To help you make the most of every outfit you dream up, you may want to invest in a couple of ‘core items’ that will serve as the foundation of your many dangerously appealing getups. Start by choosing one animal print top piece like a blouse or a sweater; one bottom piece such as jeans, a skirt, or leggings; and one-piece that can be layered, like a cardigan or coat. The idea is to create many different looks by deftly combining these pieces with other items in your closet. Here’s some extra inspiration:


  • If you’re an animal print newbie, start with simple accessories like animal-print shoes or wacky earrings. Zebra prints are more subdued than feline prints, so if they suit you, go ahead and treat them as your gateway to more pronounced animal print bliss!
  • Accessorize like a pro by learning your winning combinations. Nothing screams leopard print cardigan like a classic white t-shirt and blue jeans, and many an LBD has been taken to the next level with the help of a perfect leopard print belt.
  • For a more elegant vibe, avoid animal print pieces that are overly busy, puffy, or glittery. Instead, stick with clean lines and fresh cuts. Pick styles and fabrics that mimic the sleekness of the animals that inspired them.
  • On a daring day, pair heels with animal print leggings for a look that’s wildly stylish.
  • The bold and the beautiful can go right ahead and make a statement by combining bright, punchy, clashing animal print patterns from head to toe for that maximum impact.