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Skort Vs Skirt: Which Style Should I Pick This Summer?

Skort Vs Skirt, Which Style Should I Pick This Summer?
Skort Vs Skirt, Which Style Should I Pick This Summer?

Skorts, named after the blending of skirts and shorts, were created in the 60s, but they've been widely adopted into women's sportswear, as they're both feminine and comfortable. Now, the fashion trend has been adopted into more feminine pieces worn outside of golf courses and tennis courts.

These short-and-skirt combinations are now an indispensable item for many trying to solve summer chafing without having to wear multiple layers. With a Tribal Fashion skort, you'll be able to get through the hottest summer days in style without sacrificing comfort!

How to Pick Your Style?

Like any other functional piece in your wardrobe, fashionable skorts make it easy to switch up your looks. To us, skorts are the fashion world's best-kept secret. As soon as someone finds out your skirt is a skort - they will want one too! 

Tribal Fashion's Heathered pull-on skort is the perfect example of how chic this incognito short skirt hybrid can be. If you love the classic femininity of a skirt and enjoy the modest comfort of a pair of shorts, this piece was made for you.

Activities Consideration

When planning your wardrobe, consider how much physical activity or walking around you do throughout the day. If your day is shaping up to be a quick walk to the market and a picnic with friends, a long maxi skirt is a fantastic choice.

Skorts are also a perfect option for any woman who values comfort and versatility, as you can wear a skort while running, walking, or riding your bike. A skort gives you the mobility that you need, but the modesty you need to feel comfortable!


Skort for Golf

As we mentioned before, skorts were initially popular with women's sports players and are a staple piece for any golfer. The Tribal Golf Collection skorts are perfect for best performance during the hottest days. Our UPF 50+ golf pull-on skort is made of fabric with moisture-wicking, quick-dry and breathable properties and comes in various colours and patterns.

Skort for Tennis

Skorts are also a trendy clothing item for tennis players. The sporty look of a skort is stylish on the court and gives the player the freedom to move throughout the game without worrying about any mishaps. Tribal's active skort is designed with a curved front hem and a practical elastic at the back waistline for a snug fit that follows your every move. This 18-inch length skort has a pull-on waistband and hidden pockets for your tennis ball.

Comfort Level

Skorts will keep you feeling comfortable and cute all day long, and Tribal's line of skorts has a slew of styles to choose from. This daisy print ruffle-hem skort is made of soft jersey fabric and has an easy pull-on drawstring waist. Ready to take on all life's adventures in total ease and comfort thanks to its hidden shorts!

Don't Shy Away from Opportunity

While the modern skort allows for more options, it all comes down to your comfort and style preferences. If your go-to outfit is leggings and a hoodie, then you're likely more comfortable in shorts and skorts in general. But that doesn't mean you can't pull off a skirt when the occasion calls for it! Opt for something like a denim skirt that you can easily pair with your more relaxed tops and sweaters.