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How to Wear Your Capri Pants Right
How to Wear Your Capri Pants Right




Capri pants are cropped, three-quarter-length pants that generally hit at the mid-calf, but can also hit the lower calf or ankle. They are an excellent choice for warmer weather, as they offer more cool comfort than full-length trousers, but are less casual than shorts. Also known as clam-diggers or flood pants, capri pants can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion, and are ideal for everything from light physical activity, such as cycling, to dinners out and even some office environments.


But while they are a comfortable, versatile choice for any body shape or type, their length can make capri pants difficult to style! Here, we offer some pro tips on how to wear capri pants, no matter your style!



How to Wear Capri Pants


Effectively styling capri pants can be simply a matter of choosing a length that you find most comfortable for your shape and build. 

If you have calves on the thin side, consider choosing capri pants that hit at the fullest part of your calf to create a wider calf’s appearance. If your legs are thinner just below the knee, you could consider capri pants that cover your knee but leave your entire calf exposed (these are sometimes also known as pedal-pushers). 

Those whose calves tend to be wide or muscular may find capri pants that cover your entire calf, and cut off at your ankle, to be a good option. If you have calves and thighs that are more directly proportionate in size, capris that end just below the most muscular part of your calf, or somewhere between your calf and ankle, may look best. 


If you are on the short side, or are plus-sized or more muscular in build, you may find that capri pants that are wide-cut make your legs appear shorter and larger. Opt for a straight-cut or tapered pant, which will have a lengthening effect on your legs and overall silhouette. 


When shopping for pants, you will often see manufacturers refer to the “rise.” This is where a pair of pants sit on your waist. A high rise refers to pants that sit at your natural waist or higher, while a low rise generally sits well below your belly button, at or below your hips (a mid-rise is simply somewhere in between!). 

If you have legs on the shorter side, you may want to opt for a higher rise in your capri pants, as this will have the effect of making your legs appear longer. On the other hand, those with shorter torsos could opt for a medium rise, which will have a lengthening effect on your upper body. 


Capri pants with fun patterns, flashy prints, and flirty embroidery can be worn by anyone of any body shape and size. However, if you are uncomfortable drawing attention to your legs or lower body, it may be best to opt out of capri pants with busy details. Choosing a plain, pattern-free pair of capri pants will also make it easier for you to pair your new pants with t-shirts, blouses and cardigans that are part of your existing wardrobe. 

How to Match with Capris: Tops

Experimenting with the length and cut of your tops is an excellent way to style a pair of capri pants. Tucking in your top or blouse, or opting for a cropped top, is a good option if you’ve opted for a pair of high-waisted capris, as this will highlight the lengthening effect of high-waisted pants, with the added bonus of accentuating your curves. Opting for a tunic or a long, loose top may be a great choice for taller people, but consider pairing tops like this with capri pants that are tailored or tapered, as a billowy top with wide-cut or loose capri pants may appear a bit overly casual and pajama-like! 


Color and Pattern for Capri Pants 

Ultimately, the shirts, shoes, and accessories you wear with your capri pants should reflect your personal style! If you love monochromatic looks, choose capri pants in solid, neutral colors that will complement the clothing in your wardrobe. If you prefer colorful outfits, choose capri pants that are patterned or bright and bold. If you choose patterned capri pants, you may consider pairing them with a top or accessories that match a color within that pattern — a sunny, solid yellow blouse or t-shirt to match yellow flowers on your capri pants, for instance! 

You can wear just about any type of footwear with your capri pants — always choose shoes based on what activity you’ll be participating in, rather than what will look the absolute best: a wedge or heel will elongate your exposed calf, but may not be ideal for a bike ride or walk in the park! 

Bottom Lines for Capris & Cropped Pants

Capri pants can be worn by anyone, of any body shape and size! Styling capri pants may help you create a specific silhouette — like an elongated torso — while allowing you to reflect your unique style with tops, accessories, and footwear of your choice. The best pair of capri pants for you is a pair that fits you the most comfortably and makes you feel the most confident.

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