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How to Find your Personal Style

How to Find Your Personal Style
How to Find Your Personal Style

Finding your sens of personal style can be a struggle, especially with the ever-changing fashion trends seemingly flying by quicker than ever before. It's easy to become a mishmash of items you've bought over the years, ultimately leaving you with a closet full of clothing that doesn't scream, 'this is me!' 

The impact of personal style goes far beyond making a good first impression. Good fashion is also about confidence, and the ability to feel beautiful in whatever you're wearing, no matter the occasion. Regardless of what the fashion world says about what's en vogue, it's essential to be able to maintain a style that's all your own. 

Find Your Style Mentor 

Here's your excuse to buy those glossy fashion mags, and spend an afternoon on Pinterest! Style blogger The Every Girl says to, "jot down the names of your favorite style icons and do a bit of research via Pinterest, Google, or Instagram to gather inspiration from their looks." Having these photos in one spot will identify components you tend to gravitate to, and will also help with putting a look together on a whim. 

Girl in top hat blouse and funky loose fitting jeans

Identify The Articles of Clothing You Are Attracted To

Love throwing on a t-shirt and jeans, but only have a handful of shirts that hug you in all the right places? Do you feel like your true self when you're strutting down the street in a skirt and embroidered blouse? Assess how many outfits you can make from the pieces of clothing you have now that make you feel and look your best. Make a list of what you're missing, and set aside pieces that you have too many of that don't fit within your personal style. 

De-Clutter Your Closet

Thanks to Marie Kondo, the art of tidying has most likely become a more regular part of your life. Though for many women, the most intimidating space in the home to declutter is the closet. It'll be hard to stick to your look if you have a ton of pieces that are not in line with your style. Once you remove those pieces that don't fit with the look you feel most comfortable with; it'll be easier to create the ultimate look. That's not to say that you should ditch your fun one-offs you enjoy wearing for special occasions, be mindful of how many "once in a while" pieces you really own. 

Buy Staple Pieces

Now that you're able to assess what you're missing to complete your wardrobe accurately, it's time to go shopping! Remember to bring a list of what you need to purchase, along with the images you compiled of your style icons and fashion inspiration, so you stay on track with your capsule wardrobe.